GABF Update from The Brewing Network

Monday, 13 September 2010
Once again The Brewing Network heads back to Denver for the Great American Beer Festival! We will be bringing live streaming video direct from the festival floor each day of the event, including the awards ceremony on Saturday.
Watch all footage, including the awards ceremony on Saturday, on
Brewing Network Broadcast Schedule (all times are Mountain Standard Time)
Live from the Brewers Studio Pavillion:
Thursday, September 16th 6:30pm – Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary w/ Ken Grossman and Charlie Papazian
Thursday, September 16th 7:30pm – Sour Power w/ New Belgium, Cascade and Trinity
Thursday, September 16th 8:30pm – Sustainable Brewing w/ Hopworks, New Belgium and Sierra Nevada

Friday, September 17th 6:30pm – International Brewing Collaborations w/ Stone, Terrapin and Norrebro Bryghus
Friday, September 17th 7:30pm – The Brewers Feud: 21st Amendment vs. Iron Hill Brewery
Friday, September 17th 8:30pm – You Too Can Brew w/ Charlie Papazian and Jim Koch from Sam Adams

Saturday, September 18th 1:30pm – The GABF Awards Ceremony Live
Saturday, September 18th 6:30pm – Beer Media Panel w/ Justin Crossley, Stan Hieronymus and Jay Brooks
Saturday, September 18th 7:30pm – Beer Activist Panel w/ Jacob McKean, Pete Johnson, Ashley Routson and Scott Newman-Bale

Here is a link to the complete listing of the Brewers Studio Pavillion and what each panel is about:

I Am A Craft Beer Drinker.

(Copied From IAACBD’s Youtube)

I am a Craft Beer Drinker .. I love Craft Beer .. I am passionate about what I drink.

If these sentiments ring true, then this video was made for you. Inspired by the amazing “I am a Craft Brewer” this video represents craft beer drinkers from all over the US who won’t settle for the lowest common denominator beers.

It pays homage to all the amazing craft brewers who have provided us with choice, and are blazing trails in the beer world.

This is our tribute to all the craft beer drinkers out there who have joined the revolution and demand choice, integrity and quality in their beer.

Written by Stephen Johnson :
Directed by John Holzer :
Produced by New Brew Thursday :

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The new design of The Beer Commune is well under way, and will offer all of you craft brew heads a place to connect with some of the best that Craft Beer has to offer. So far, the skeleton of the site has been about 90% completed with content coming next. Some of the main features of the site, however, are still a ways off. The Auction portion of the site will be a tough task to pull off, but I am working on it. The forums will be up for our Grand Re-Opening, as will the Store. Beer will not be available for purchase just yet, as that is another big hurdle I have to clear, so the buying and selling portion of the site will be under construction until further notice, but the trading forums will be good to go, as will 2MikesDrink/Blend, and many Craft Beer resources available at your fingertips, all in one place. I will continue to update you all on the status of the site, plus where and when the 1st Annual Beer Commune Rare Beer Festival will be held. Stay Tuned.


Stone Expanding AGAIN?

It looks like they have 2 more huge tanks going in shortly… UPDATE

The Beer Commune will now begin to go through growing pains, so please bear with me. I will be securing hosting later on today, and the site will go down at the address and the
Http:// will stay live.

The official Grand Re-Opening date is TBD at the moment, but rest assured, we will be back up before you know it, and it will be a beautiful thing.



Stone / Ballast Point / Kelsey McNair’s San Diego County Session Ale

Wow! A Stone Session Ale! Who wouldda thought? Hold the bottle up to light, and it looks like it’s filled with water. Boasting a puny 4.2% abv, this beer might accidentally blend in with the BMC. Be careful. BUT DON’T MISS IT! You’ll be sorry. The minute you pop the top off of this HIGHLY sessionable ale, a beautiful bouquet of Centennial, Simcoe, Citra, and Amarillo hops slaps you across the kisser. This will be an interesting brew.
As I bring the glass up to my nose, it’s reminiscent of Russian River’s Pliny the Younger, Kern River’s Citra, and Port Brewing’s High Tide. Not a bad group to be lumped in with IMHO, and upon first sip… Wow! This beer is DELICATE! That explains the 3 month window in which to drink this beer on the Enjoy By date. 11/10/10. Better get it while you can! San Diego County Session Ale *gently prances* over your taste buds, and is as light as air. I would liken this beautifully crafted masterpiece as a Chantilly Lace, or meringue. Go grab a bottle or three, and enjoy this great, whispy, citrusy, pine nectar, and when you see Kelsey, give him a high five.